Transistor MJF18008, NPN, TO-220F, MOTOROLA

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NPN Bipolar Power Transistor
For Switching Power Supply Applications

The MJF18008 have an applications specific state-of-the-art die designed
for use in 220 V line-operated Switchmode Power supplies and electronic
ballasts. These high voltage/high speed transistors offer the following:
-Improved Efficiency Due to Low Base Drive Requirements:
   – High and Flat DC Current Gain hFE
   – Fast Switching
   – No Coil Required in Base Circuit for Turn-Off (No Current Tail)
-Tight Parametric Distributions are Consistent Lot-to-Lot
-Package Isolated TO-220
-MJF18008, Case 221D, is UL Recognized at 3500 VRMS: File #E69369

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