TLS1233N C.I. PDIP20 Pines, Preamplificador de vídeo, alimentación 11 – 13V

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– Wide Bandwidth . . . Typ 100 MHz at –3 dB
– Three Channels
– 0 V to 4 V, Digital Level-Contrast Control
– 0 V to 4 V, Digital Level-Gain Adjust Control
– 20-Pin Plastic DIP for Small PCB Area Required
– Fewer Peripheral Components Required Than for LM1203 Applications
– Independent CLAMP(+) Adjustment to Each Channel

The TLS1233 is a 100-MHz wide-band video preamplifier system intended 
for mid-to-high-resolution RGB (red-green-blue) color monitors. Each 
video amplifier (R, G, and B) contains a gain set for adjusting maximum 
system gain (AV = 7.8 V/V). The TLS1233 provides digital level-operated 
contrast, brightness, and gain
adjustment control. All the control inputs offer high input impedance 
and an operation range from 0 V to 4 V for easy interface to the serial 
digital buses. Provided in a 20-pin plastic dual-in-line package (DIP), 
the TLS1233
integrates most of the external components required to accommodate the 
video system.
The TLS1233 operates from a 12-V supply and contains an internal input 
bias voltage. Also, the TLS1233
contains the feedback resistor required between output and CLAMP(–) for 
dc level holding. The device is characterized for operation from 0°C to 

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