TDA7073AT PHILIPS SO16 SMD SOT162-1, Dual BTL power driver

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TDA7073AT C.I.PHILIPS, SO16: plastic small outline package; 16 leads; body width 7.5 mm SOT162-1

The TDA7073A/AT are dual power driver circuits in a BTL
configuration, intended for use as a power driver for servo
systems with a single supply. They are specially designed
for compact disc players and are capable of driving focus,
tracking, sled functions and spindle motors.
Missing Current Limiter (MCL)

A MCL protection circuit is built-in. The MCL circuit is
activated when the difference in current between the
output terminal of each amplifier exceeds 100 mA (typical
300 mA). This level of 100 mA allows for headphone
applications (single-ended).

• No external components
• Very high slew rate
• Single power supply
• Short-circuit proof
• High output current (0.6 A)
• Wide supply voltage range
• Low output offset voltage
• Suited for handling PWM signals up to 176 kHz
• ESD protected on all pins.

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