ER1400 MITSUBISHI M5G1400P DIP14 ROM (Tv Sony, Jukebox, etc)

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1400-BIT (100 word by 14 bit) Electrically Alterable Read Only Memory (ROM)
The ER1400 is a serial input/output 1400 bit electrically erasable and
reprogrammable ROM, organized as 100 words of 14 bits eacht. Data and
address are communicated in serial form via a one-pin bidirectional bus.
Mode selection is by a 3 bit code applied to C1, C2 and C3.

Before writing, a selected location must be preconditioned by an erase
operation. Data is then stored by internal negative writing pulses that
selectively tunnel charge into the oxide-nitride interface of the gate
insulator of the 1400MNOS memory transistors.
When the writing voltage is removed the charge trapped at the interface
is manifested as a negative shift in the threshold voltage of the
selected memory transistors.

ER-1400 stores all needed date like pricing, credit, selection, amount
of records, and the statistcal data.
100 word x 14 bit organization
Addressing by two consecutive one of ten codes
Single – 35V supply
Word alterable
10 year data storage
MOS compatible signal levels
Wire/erase time: 10ms
Package: DIP14


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