Condensador 716P Orange Drop 22nF 630V 26x15x8mm R.22mm (2 Unidades)

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x2 UNIDADES: Condensador 716P Orange Drop® 22nF 630V 26x15x8mm R.22mm

CONDENSADOR 716P Orange Drop® 22nF 630VDC 200VAC ±5% RASTER 22mm, 26x15x8,5mm, Rabillos de 40mmm de largo

Orange Drop® 716P Series, Radial Leaded, Polypropylene Film Capacitors
Orange Drop® capacitors made with film dielectric and metallized or foil
electrodes are well known for their excellent performance in pulse DC
and AC circuits.
– Features.:
Low dissipation factor
Long history of proven reliability
Excellent stability, virtually linear temperature coefficient
– Applications:
Switching and high voltage power supplies
Resonant converters and electronic lighting ballasts
High Frequency
High Pulse
They have excellent stability and high frequency response.
They offer a very clean, clear sound, and make an ideal replacement for
Guitar , Bass and vintage amplifiers.

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